Our objective at Doctor Sun is to improve beauty standards by using high quality; nutrient-enriched natural products to ensure you feel fully optimized as an individual both inside and out. We believe that everybody needs to know the benefits of chemical-free products. Eating organic shouldn’t be niche; it’s essential for the betterment of our environment and ourselves.

Our Logo is predominated by a Bonsai Tree. We at Doctor Sun saw the Bonsai as a fitting centrepiece for our logo, due to the symbolic significance attached to it as a plant. Its connotations of strength, intuition and wisdom are all values Doctor Sun invests into the research of organic beauty range. Our bodies and the planet we inhabit are undoubtedly the two most important facets of everyday life, and so a tree that represents both interconnectedness with and a deep-seated respect for the world that surrounds us provided the perfect emblem. Together, with the application of enough principled decision-making, we can make mother earth and ourselves more pleasant spaces to inhabit. Doctor Sun, with its bespoke range of beauty products - sourced from only the finest ethical beginnings - aims to do just that.

We create all natural, organic skincare and beauty products for people from all walks of life. Our product range is entirely sourced from ethical and sustainable agricultural beginnings, grown by farming communities across the globe. It is free of soy and gluten, grown in harmony with the local environment wherever possible and, of course, is completely free of animal testing methods. Our skincare treatments have shown incredible results in slowing down the early signs of ageing, as well as a colossal improvement in softening the appearance of wrinkles. They are renowned amongst our market research case studies to boost elasticity and comprehensively hydrate the skin. We have tried our serums on a wide range of people and we have consistently received positive feedback. If you don’t believe us, check our testimonials!