Ethical Policy

Our objective at Doctor Sun is to improve beauty standards by using high quality; nutrient-enriched natural products to ensure you feel fully optimized as an individual both inside and out. We believe that everybody needs to know the benefits of chemical-free products. Eating organic shouldn’t be niche; it’s essential for the betterment of our environment and ourselves.

How We Select Our Products

The Criteria

Doctor Sun offers an easy and convenient way to shop for premium natural, ethical and eco-friendly products free from the toxins, questionable ingredients and manufacturing methods used in most mass-produced products today. Every product we supply is checked against our rigorous criteria to guarantee they are not only free from pollutants, toxins and animals cruelty but also fashioned in accordance with our sustainability and ethical values. When you purchase from Doctor Sun you know you are buying healthy, clean and ethical products of highest quality, purity and integrity.

The Ingredients

To help customers make a cognizant choice, we reveal the complete ingredient list for each product in our website so you know exactly what's inside. There are ingredients we avoid based and scientific research and our expertise. We follow the guidelines published by the UK Soil Association, Ecocert, NaTrue, USDA and other related regulatory bodies.