About Us

Our objective at Doctor Sun is to improve beauty standards by using high quality; nutrient-enriched natural products to ensure you feel fully optimized as an individual both inside and out. We believe that everybody needs to know the benefits of chemical-free products. Eating organic shouldn’t be niche; it’s essential for the betterment of our environment and ourselves.

How do we differentiate ourselves from other beauty care products that are on the market?

We create all natural, organic skincare and beauty products for people from all walks of life. Our product range is entirely sourced from ethical and sustainable agricultural beginnings, grown by farming communities across the globe. It is free of soy and gluten, grown in harmony with the local environment wherever possible and, of course, is completely free of animal testing methods. Our skincare treatments have shown incredible results in slowing down the early signs of ageing, as well as a colossal improvement in softening the appearance of wrinkles. They are renowned amongst our market research case studies to boost elasticity and comprehensively hydrate the skin. We have tried our serums on a wide range of people and we have consistently received positive feedback. If you don’t believe us, check our testimonials! Our Logo is predominated by a Bonsai Tree. We at Doctor Sun saw the Bonsai as a fitting centrepiece for our logo, due to the symbolic significance attached to it as a plant. Its connotations of strength, intuition and wisdom are all values Doctor Sun invests into the research of is alternative organic beauty range. Our bodies and the planet we inhabit are undoubtedly the two most important facets of everyday life, and so a tree that represents both an interconnectedness with and a deep-seated respect for the world that surrounds us provided the perfect emblem. Together, with the application of enough principled decision making, we can make ourselves and mother earth more pleasant spaces to inhabit. Doctor Sun, with its bespoke range of beauty products - sourced from only the finest ethical beginnings - aims to do just that.

The Doctor Sun Company is a British distributor of premium organic wellbeing products. The vision behind our brand was to create products that are 100% organic, and therefore beneficial not only for our customer base, but for the environment too. We are proud that our products are produced in UK in our own state-of-the-art production facility where we can provide the highest standard of quality by using only the purest ingredients under personal supervision. Our edible and organic skincare products are working towards transforming our clients’ beauty regimes for the better.

With a product range as diverse and comprehensive as this, you’ll never need to look any further than Doctor Sun to meet your beauty needs

How did we come up with the idea?

Doctor Sun began two years ago when a friend of mine was complaining about the various dermatological irritations she would develop after using what were supposedly organic beauty products. A true beauty fanatic, she would consistently feel disappointed and let down by the quality of the skincare industry. I realised then, there was a market demand unfulfilled and untouched, so I decided to make a change. To begin, I decided to examine the composition of the creams and moisturizers on the market, including the organic products. The results were truly shocking. All the products that I analysed contained harmful ingredients for the skin, including parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, glycerine and a whole range of synthetic nastiness.

The next step was to analyse how our skin reacted when put into contact with these chemicals. We needed to fully comprehend the importance of healthy skin as well as understanding how best to ensure its wellbeing. The skin is an essential defence mechanism that protects us against everything from environmental toxins and pollutants, to pathogens and UV radiation. Our skin is an invaluable defence mechanism, so why on earth would be voluntarily apply these destructive substances to it?

I started to investigate further into the potential benefits of natural oils and their correlation to a healthy skincare regime. From my research, it became apparent that beauty products must contain organic ingredients, as they are essential to the upkeep of our dermatological health. One of the oils we frequently use in our product range has long been a staple in Arabic medicinal practises, and is considered to be the cure to all ailments.

I ordered industrial quantities of these oils and I started mixing them up in a multitude of brews, learning that different oils complemented one another for various purposes. After endless hours of hard work and dedication, our first line of exceptional products are finally ready to revolutionise the beauty market. Take, for instance, our Absolute Night Serum, a premium organic product that is both preservative-free and suitable for all skin types. With a blend organic and essential oils, such as Argan, Frankincense and Hemp Seed, it is sure to replenish the skin after a long day of work and exposure. Then, in order to revitalize the skin, our Rejuvenating Day Serum combines ingredients like Organic Lemongrass Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Eucalyptus Oil to invigorate your dermatological senses for the day ahead. With a product range as diverse and comprehensive as this, you’ll never need to look any further than Doctor Sun to meet your beauty needs.